> Boyd Leathlean
      Founder and Owner

   In 1991 Boyd worked for Golden Era Productions International. He was given management training whilst working in the Import Division. This enabled him to see and understand the inner workings of an international company. He also received additional education in management through statistics, business ethics, Microsoft DOS, Word, Excel and telex machines.

   In 1992 Boyd was employed by Siltek as a computer technician. He started working on IBM and HP computers off an assembly line. He later graduated to testing the machines and networking them. With the training and experience gained from these two positions he decided to set up his own company.

   Boyd's lifelong fascination with computing started when he was 9 years old. He obtained a very basic ZX Spectrum computer, read some books on the subject and wrote a few computer games. This convinced him that he had found his direction in life. He has dedicated his IT skills to helping others who have the need to use computers but who may need some guidance with the technology.

> Cup of Java Computing

   In 1993 he started trading as an IT Technician under the Cup of Java.

-  Buying and selling computers
-  Buying and selling software
-  Repairing computers
-  Assembling Computers
-  Establishing internet connections
-  Software upgrades
-  Lecturing on computers at Academy of Learning in a private capacity

   In 2000 Boyd registered a company under the name Cup of Java Computing cc. He opened the first of two internet cafes in Kensington, Johannesburg, South Africa.

   He continued his IT work while also handling all the hardware and software maintenance of the machines of the Cafes. The Cafes offered a stable income but the call-out service suffered. Then a new opportunity presented itself.

   After closing the internet cafes Boyd went for two web development courses and started trading as "The IT Pro." However, since deciding to relocate to the UK, all services have now been combined under the name of Cup of Java Computing, which offers a solid, well designed, professional look to all websites.

   Over the past 20 years the computer industry has become an essential part of any business. If a PC stops working you lose money. The primary purpose of Cup of Java is to ensure that this does not happen or if it does, the fault will be corrected in the shortest

   Cup of Java does not seek to sell you the latest IT gadgets or computers but rather to ensure that the system you already have, works to its maximum efficiency. We have been very successful in improving and integrating services to fit into what you are already utilising in your company. In growing into the web market from the experience of a computer maintenance background, we offer a better service, to better improve your service. We integrate powerful SEO through Google to get you the excellence you are looking for, with your site. It should be designed to best represent you and your company, thus offering you a complete computer service for your home or business.

   You will find our repair and maintenance packages are available at truly competitive prices.

   We are expanding our portfolio and look forward to hearing from you.

   Cup of Java Computing