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Cookies, What are they and what do they do?
So a cookie, in this case, is not something you eat but information stored on your computer by a website. Chrome, Firefox, Edge... (browsers) all have a file that keeps this information. This can be anything you have typed into a form on the website or any of the bits of information provided by the browser (time, date, internet address...)

Cookies are made by the websites that you visit. It is now law to have a Cookie Consent Form. As I donít use Cookies, I donít have a Cookie Consent Form, because I am not storing your data and we donít allow other sites access to your data through our website.

Websites 360 are the engineers of Cookie Free. We, as a small web company, looked for the one thing that people are most upset about when using the internet and worked out a way to get around it, then put it together as a workable system. At the same time we made the websites look different so that it could be seen at a glance.

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